Welcome to my Genealogical Section. It has been many years in the making with still lots more to do. It never ends — that digging into the past.

My Zeitler line stems from Raitenbach, Haslach (Haasla), Enslwang, Adertshausen – all close to the Amberg region. I do suspect that some of the present-day Zeitlers in Amberg would be related! I have recently finished as much as I can of the main patriarchal Zeitler line through a researcher I hired in Germany (Marianne) and LDS microfilms.

My main problem was linking the Bavarian line to the Bukovina one. Would I even be able to?

I started with only one piece of paper – a 1941 copy of a birth certificate my grandmother had of her husband’s grandfather, my gggf, Johann Baptist Zeitler. I ran with that even without having the Bukovina link — because it was all I had. Marianne thought I was nuts, but I trusted in it and it turned out this was the only valid, tangible clue I had. It was the only clue, period.

Validation came when I visited my mother and we went through several LDS films of Bukovina and we found a marriage record of that Johann Baptist Zeitler, who had been born in Bavaria and emigrated around 1850 to Bukovina. We had the link and proof at last!

Even though I did get Zeitler records back to the mid 1500s, I was disappointed that further records were missing – probably destroyed during the 30 Years’ War. This has spurred me on to do research and place historical pages on this site, specifically on the 30 Years’ War, the 100 Years’ War, Origin of Surnames, The Two Calendars, Bavaria (Bayern), Bukovina, and Galizia, as well as the development of the German and English languages.

I even went on to do a whole site on the German Tribes.

I am still looking for Stanislawsky links. I saw Ellis Island records for many from the same town (Lubianki) and I know they initially settled in NYC on 2nd St. — but then they vanished!

There is also a Wintoniak link (from Altoona PA) I need more information on. Anne or Anna Wintoniak born about 1950 — where are you?

And so it goes…