mtDNA Phylogenetic Tree

MITOMAP, the human mitochondrial genome database, has recently published a paper in Nucleic Acids Research announcing the completion of a full human mtDNA phylogenetic tree. [read full article]

This tree, available here (in pdf) was constructed from 2959 mtDNA coding region sequences. I find it hard to deal with because of the wide format. It lists mutations and the study that identified each particular sequence, the tree labels each mutation as a substitution mutation, a silent mutation, a tRNA or rRNA mutation, a mutation in the noncoding region, or a pathological mutation.

MitoMap also provides another valuable tool, tables of mtDNA polymorphisms with source information. The tree will potentially be very useful to both researchers and genetic genealogists by providing a quick and easy way to characterize new sequences.

Anyone interested in learning more about their haplogroup or how their haplogroup fits into the human mtDNA tree will find the new mtDNA phylogenetic tree extremely informative. Note: there is another tree view that I prefer located HERE