DNA Testing

Haplogroup I

I can definitely recommend FTDNA as a testing facility. I ordered my mtDNA kit and it arrived in 2 days. Admittedly, I am only 2 states away from FTDNA’s location in Texas, but it’s still good, right? Target date was set for Aug 10. I actually got it early on the 6th – the first part, the HVR1 which pinpointed my Haplogroup as being I. I expected it to be H, but it is I. Target date for the HVR2 results was then for Aug 22, but to my complete surprise, I was notified they were online on the 7th! Yes, yesterday! They are in the FTDNA and the MitoSearch databases. And here they are: HVR1 Haplogroup HVR1 differences from CRS : 16129A 16223T 16391A 16519C HVR2 differences from CRS : 73G 152C 199C 204C 207A 250C 263G 315.1C 573.1C 573.2C See the New Female Lineage Page from Transylvania! Databases: MitoSearch, — Genographic ProjectSorenson, — Kerchner’s mtDNA, — DNA-ANTHROGENEALOGY List , — DNA-NEWBIE List BOOKS