History of Bavaria

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Early settlements, Roman Raetia, Vindelicia

The earliest known inhabitants that are mentioned in written sources were a people, probably Celts, participating in the widespread La Tène culture, whom the Romans subdued just before the opening of the Christian era, founding colonies among them and including their land in the provinces of Raetia and Noricum. The Roman center of administration for this area was Castra Regina, now and since the middle ages known as Regensburg. Vindelicia: In ancient geography, Vindelicia is a country bounded on the south by Raetia, on the north by the Danube and the Hadrian’s Limes Germanicus, on the east by the Oenus (Inn), on the west by the territory of the Helvetii. It thus corresponded to the northeast portion of Switzerland, the southeast of Baden, and the south of Württemberg and Bavaria. Its chief town was Augusta Vindelicorum (Augsburg). Its inhabitants, the Vindelici were probably Celtic (Gaulish) or Germanic, and a possible etymology of their name includes an element vind- cognate to Irish find- "white". Together with the neighboring tribes they were subjugated by Tiberius in 15 BC. The Augustean inscription of 12 BC mentions four tribes of the Vindelici among the defeated.    Read Full Article