Zeidlerei Profession

September 10, 2007 · Posted in history · 4 Comments 

Who knew this was all about the bees?

The name "Zeidler / Zeitler" comes from an old German word, ‘zeideln’ meaning to cut honey(comb). They were in charge of honey gathering and documented from 959 onwards. I even found a coat of arms for them! See the new Zeidlerei Page

Zeitler Genealogy

June 25, 2007 · Posted in genealogy · 6 Comments 

The full Zeitler line beginning with Johann Zeitler born about 1540. Other names of interest: Albert, Aichelseer, Ciszko, Hiller, Jarosz, Kremer, Mayer, Preischl, Rodovicz, Zeitler Towns of interest: Klokuczka, Czernowitz, Kolomea, Enslwang, Adertshausen, Oed, Armensee, Raittenbach, Hohenfels, Affenrieth, Effenrieth, Haslach, Haasla — See The Zeitler Line